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Max group size 18 persons

During the one-day Chernobyl tour you will have an outstanding opportunity to access the story of the nuclear disaster which changed the history of mankind. With the help of a qualified guide, you will be in the centre of the events of April 1986 full of fascinating stories, pictures and videos from the National Museum of Chernobyl. The tour is aimed at people with a busy schedule but a strong desire to have an insight to one of the most fatal nuclear catastrophes in the history of mankind.

Only on the one-day tour you will observe all the “must-visit” locations and places of interest in Pripyat and in the whole Exclusion Zone which includes the Chernobyl nuclear Power Plant (from the safe distance), the Chernobyl 2 town and it’s Duga Radar, the Amusement Park and others. The tour will be performed for the small group of max. 18 people.

The adventure starts in the centre of Kyiv where a friendly guide will meet you with a newspaper in your language from 1986. The drive from Kyiv to Chernobyl takes approximately 2 hours by a comfortable van supplied with AC and Wi-Fi. You will be free to watch an exciting Chernobyl documentary along the way. Before entering the Zone, you will have a police passport check at the checkpoint Detyatki. The guide will have several certified dosimeters and which you can ask for during the tour.

Naturally we have already been in your shoes, therefore we do not want to annoy you during your visit to locations like, the Chernobyl power plant sarcophagus, the gigantic secret radar Duga, Pripyat central square or fairgrounds with the famous Ferris wheel. Nevetheless, it is not the places, but the photos, videos and stories that accompany you throughout the tour, which will give you a sense of the Soviet era and disclose the truth about the Chernobyl tragedy. We will not leave you hungry on the tour and will give you a chance to admire a traditional Ukrainian lunch in the same canteen as the Chernobyl power plant workers. You may find the full program below.

We pay great attention to the safety of international tourists during the Chernobyl tours not only providing dosimeters (Geiger-Muller Counters), respirators, and taking you through the checked and cleaned paths, but will also provide you with at least 2 dosimetric controls so you will feel comfortable on your adventure back home. Moreover, we will be pleased to offer a small present for every participant and give free postcards, which will remind you about the great time in Chernobyl and a free ticket to the Chernobyl museum in Kyiv. The Chernobyl 1 Day Tour with CHERNOBYL PHOTO TOURS will become a once in a lifetime experience and will give you a completely different experience of travelling, where you do not need to take care of anything else except for the storyline. Thank you for not compromising on quality when traveling to Chernobyl.

Due to constraints or current weather conditions in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Chernobyl Photo the right to change the program of the itinerary. However, thanks to the experience and qualification of our guides, undoubtedly you will be amazed and impressed by a trip of your lifetime!