Photo Workshops

Improve your photography skills with world-known photographers who will make sure that after a few days in the Chernobyl zone, you will not only be amazed by the place itself, but you will become amazingly skilled in capturing moments of the present, past…and maybe even the future.

Our Lecturers

Helga Volianska

Some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring images Helga has encountered in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. There is something truly profound about seeing the place where happened the worst disaster in nuclear power generation history. Something that pulls on you deeply in a snapshot that captures the energy and feeling of a moment. Something that opens your eyes to the world around you in a new way after looking at a post-apocalyptic landscape. You will see things you might not see in normal life. And it’s not bad, quite the opposite, you’ll see the Chernobyl reality. This photo tour will give you a feeling and sense of connection. Connection to history, people, postapocalyptic photography, and understanding the Chernobyl phenomenon.

Thierry Vanhyusse

A Personal Response

Despite Chernobyl being the place of a disaster, it is more alive than you may think and provokes many emotions. This is an opportunity to learn how to express the specific mood of the zone. You will take photographs that describe visually how the zone ‘feels’ for you personally and what makes the zone so special. Thierry’s deep fascination with the aspects of time and light creates a particularly specific style of photography… A style in which you will find your own tranquillity. This workshop will be a fantastic ‘insider’ exclusive to the zone, focusing on your emotional responses and you will complete the workshop with a new understanding of how to express yourself and your feelings through photography.

What you'll learn

Every workshop is a little different as it addapts to weather and lighning conditions. Lecturers focus on pushing your individual skill to a new level.

Take a look at some of the photos from our students: